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By guest, Nov 27 2015 02:09PM

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    Frank Coffen Carpentry LLC was started in 2003 after I had worked for many different contractors throughout the years. I found that there weren't many companies with the same desire for perfection and customer service that I was looking to offer. I promise you that I will show up when I say and not only will I do the work you ask for, I will exceed your expectations!


    I have worked in carpentry for over 19 years. I have experience in every aspect from the finest and most meticulous finish work to stick framing an entire home. I do enjoy a challenge. No request is too much! Some of my favorite work is using reclaimed barnwood for furniture, interior or exterior paneling or even siding. The warm colors and unique patina of these woods can be found nowhere else and cannot be mimicked in the manufacturing process, they are beautiful!


    I also can assist you with all your caretaking and snow removal needs.


    I believe in adherring to a strong set of ethics that come from my belief in being a follower of Christ. It is by God's grace that he has blessed me with the talent to be a carpenter and I pray that he blesses me with many more years!      


    I have also been fortunate enough for Him to bless me with my wife and two beautiful children. My wife helps me with the day to day runnings of my business so I can concentrate on perfoming quality work.


    Estimates are free, so feel free to give me a call or e-mail anytime!




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